The Pig and the Chicken.

Thinking about the games of relationships within, and around, projects. A fable often used is that of the Pig and the Chicken. The basic story is that a (scrum/software) project as two types of players. Those who are truly commited, and those who are involved.

What makes this story so interesting? It is a great representation of the basis senses that those within the project suffer from something called ‘opportunity loss’. They are in the project, not able to do anything else. And from this position the really care about the come and support. While those not truly committed, the chickens, are involved and offer advise. But they do not suffer ‘opportunity loss’, they can involve themselves with several projects.

These inter- and intra-project dynamics are very important to recognize as business-ower, product-manager and projectmanager. Not seldomly does it predict wheter or not a project will be succesfull. Are the right people committed (and thus suffering from opportunity loss from doing other stuff), are the right people involved.. and do the involved people recognize the difference between the roles and level of commitment?

Take a quick look around in your organisation, and do the ‘opportunity loss’ check to investigate who is really committed here 🙂


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