Mobile First and API First, some thoughts

A number of times the term “mobile first” or “web first” were coined. More recently the industry has become aware that this actually should be “API first”. We believe mobile IS important and a huge emerging channel.  Across many of …
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34 Gigabytes of information, per day.

The latest report to come out about our use of the internet and digital media to consume information by the University of California, San Diego reports that each day, Americans consume 34 gigabytes of information. That adds up to about 3.6 zettabytes …
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Trending towards disruption

In a simple image the different trends and technologies are depicted which, together, will lead to disrution in the way we work, think and collaborate. The image was taken from the article Disruptive Technology by the Social CMO blog.

How Digital Tools Help Companies Offer Better Health Care

After usage of new media in the more ‘traditional’ virtual businesses of e-banking, and e-retailing. New media is entering into the Health-Care Market. Read this nice article on the subject by Mashable:

Web 2.0 Expo NYC: Data Mining and Visualisation

R. Luke DuBois shows us an entertaining insight in data mining and visualisation.

The Pig and the Chicken.

Thinking about the games of relationships within, and around, projects. A fable often used is that of the Pig and the Chicken. The basic story is that a (scrum/software) project as two types of players. Those who are truly commited, …
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Google+ vs Facebook

Google has recently launched their Google+ initiative. Although it is expected to evolve a lot in the coming year, in this video a quick overview is given, with some benchmarks with Facebook.

Bitcoin – A peek into the future of currency?

With the economic crisis fresh in mind, people ponder what the future is of the financial sector. Take a look at this Bitcoin presentation, it has a revolutionary idea embedded in the cartoonish presentation. The information revolution may just become …
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Technocracy is a form of government in which engineers, scientists, health professionals and other technical experts are in control of decision making in their respective fields. The term technocracy derives from the Greek words tekhne meaning skill and kratos meaning power, as ingovernment, or rule. Thus the term technocracy denotes …
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